Live event! Industry experts weigh in on results from the PTEN 2022 Aftermarket Profile

May 10, 2022
Don't miss this live webinar on May 10 at 1:30 p.m. ET to find out where automotive shops are investing this year.

Is ADAS equipment a big focus this year? How much are shops spending on diagnostic equipment? What are the top service opportunities in 2022? All this and much more will be discussed in the upcoming Aftermarket Profile live webinar discussion. 

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You'll hear from the following experts:

  • Michelle Tansey, owner and CEO, Dubclinic
  • Keith Perkins, owner, L1 Automotive Diagnostics
  • Brian Plott, executive director, Equipment and Tool Institute

The Aftermarket Profile is a comprehensive profile of the automotive aftermarket that provides insights from PTEN readers on tool and equipment purchases they’ve made recently or plan to make soon. For years, our readers have turned to these survey results to discover what is trending among their peers and within the industry as a whole. No one else conducts research like this and we sincerely hope it helps shop owners stay up-to-date on new services they might want to consider adding to their automotive repair shops, helps technicians learn what training they might benefit from, and helps mobile tool dealers find out what to stock on their truck this year.

We’ve included a few year-over-year comparisons too, so you can see what trends might be emerging at a shop near you.