Find A Wrench announces client portal

The portal is designed to provide better visibility into recruiting efforts.

Find A Wrench Recruiting Portal

Find A Wrench recruits thousands of technicians for shops and dealerships across the country. The company announced the release of their new portal, which gives shops and dealerships they work with access to see all the work that goes into finding them candidates.

“In the past, our deliverables were always focused on resumes, and that’s still a big piece of what we do. But this new portal gives us the ability to show the independent shops and dealerships we’re working with even more,” said Jay Goninen, owner and CEO of Find A Wrench. “From sharing their live job postings, to the number of social media groups we’re recruiting in, to a pipeline management system – we’re showing them all the ways we’re driving active applicants to their job.”

The portal is an online site that Find A Wrench clients can log into at any time and view:

  • Live job postings on major job boards like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and Find A Wrench
  • Number of social media groups jobs are being posted in
  • Number of pipeline candidates identified with the right skills and experience that are being emailed/texted on a weekly basis
  • Candidates who have applied – including the ability to look at their resumes and make notes on the candidate
  • Number of resumes sorted through – forwarding qualified and rejecting unqualified
  • Where candidates are in the hiring process

In addition, users are also able to communicate directly with their Find A Wrench account manager and recruiter within the portal.

“The client portal is the first of many exciting things you’ll be seeing from Find A Wrench over the next year,” said Goninen. “We’ve built up our team, we’re working hard, and we’re looking forward to coming out with even more products and services to help connect shops and techs.”

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