Everclean Maid Service improves business with NexTraq fleet tracking

Feb. 15, 2012
Full-service residential cleaning company optimizes fleet's routes while providing accurate ETAs and reducing fuel costs.

NexTraq, the value leader of GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management solutions, announced today that its client, Everclean Maid Service, improved its customer service levels with the routing functionality available through the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform. Additionally, the full-service residential cleaning company, based in the metro D.C. area, was able to improve driver productivity while reducing overhead costs.

Mike Zalatoris, Owner of Everclean Maid Service, said, "While all of our drivers have cellphones, I quickly realized we could assess the location of any driver much more quickly with the NexTraq system. It was instant."  He has also been able to quickly re-route drivers that have gotten lost or stuck in the D.C. area's notorious traffic conditions.

NexTraq's use of Google Map technology enabled Zalatoris to view the location of his vehicles in traffic view to quickly assess the best route to get the driver to the service call and give the customer an accurate ETA.

After implementing the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform, Zalatoris noticed an immediate upward trend in his drivers' responsiveness to customer service calls.

"We have seen a 10 percent improvement in all areas of our fleet operations – from a reduction in fuel costs to increased driver productivity," said Zalatoris. "However, the most important benefit remains the ability to exceed customer service levels."

Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq, said, "As we continue to improve on our routing functionality within the NexTraq platform, our customers can meet or exceed their customer services levels. This is exceptionally important in a crowded marketplace where superior customer service means more repeat business and gives our customers a competitive differentiator from other companies."