NexTraq introduces customizable vehicle inspection checklist

Oct. 5, 2020
NexTraq Vehicle Inspection is a mobile app providing customizable pre-trip vehicle inspection checklists.
Image from NexTraq
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NexTraq, a Michelin Group company, launched NexTraq Vehicle Inspection, a tool that provides a customizable pre-trip vehicle inspection checklist for safer workdays, improved uptime, and increased profitability.

Customizable inspection checklists are available for popular industry vehicles used in construction, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, excavation, and others. Paperless, easy-to-use vehicle inspection forms can help save money on costly repairs and keep comprehensive inspection histories documenting the condition of equipment.

“Improving customer service begins with vehicles and equipment that are operating safely and optimally,” said Olivier Brauen, president and chief operating officer of NexTraq. “NexTraq Services allows managers to keep track of the overall condition of their fleets and associated equipment while holding drivers accountable for their vehicles.”

Checklists can be customized to meet the unique needs of a specific business to include information for trucks, vans, passenger cars, trailers, power equipment, fuel, generators, tractors, mowers, spare parts, pumps, dryers, blowers, mobile signage, and earthmoving equipment. Drivers/employees fill out each form associated with their vehicle from the NexTraq Connect app and can confirm they have all necessary items and equipment in working order before they hit the road. Managers receive clear and concise reports.

“Fleets today are more agile and need more visibility,” said Pankaj Sharma, vice president, Marketing and Product, NexTraq. “With paperless inspections and real-time coordination between drivers and fleet managers, NexTraq Vehicle Inspection solves one of the biggest pain points for fleet customers: managing fleet maintenance remotely. Fleets can easily monitor their vehicle health status remotely and proactively manage fleet-related problems in real-time, thereby saving costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing downtime.”

Available to NexTraq customers in the United States and Canada, the app is downloadable from the Apple App Store or Google Play to tablets or smartphones.

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