SOLD '16 to open with presentation on service business management

Dec. 7, 2015
Robert Greenwood, known for his revolutionary approach to service business management, will be kicking off SOLD16 in Las Vegas on January 24.

Robert (Bob) Greenwood, known for his revolutionary approach to service business management, will be kicking off SOLD16 in Las Vegas at 12 PM on January 24. The topic of Greenwood's presentation will cover the service manager and general manager positions in the heavy duty service business. These are positions that are rarely discussed in the heavy duty service business and can make or break a company.

Greenwood will approach the new topic by discussing the following questions:

  • Is there a need for one or both positions in your business?
  • What is the job description of both positions?
  • What should you look for when attempting to fill these positions?
  • How do you find candidates to fill these positions?
  • How do you set up a daily work routine for each of these positions?
  • What are the daily responsibilities for each position?
  • How do you set up a compensation program that will inspire them to execute their position professionally and grow the business?

Greenwood will cover these topics and illustrate how this topic ties in with the dynamic approach to business he outlined at last year’s SOLD15 presentation. This year’s talk will adjourn at 5 PM.

SOLD16 will commence at 12 PM on January 24 at the Mirage Resort and Casino, in Las Vegas with Greenwood’s presentation. SOLD16 will reconvene 8 AM on January 25 with discussions regarding future technicians, mid-management employees and where will they come from.

A case study of programs in central California will illustrate how cooperation between education and business can have success.

A forum consisting of representatives of heavy duty service provider associations, heavy duty component manufacturers, and heavy duty buying groups, will take up the following topics:

  • How are you finding technicians, sales representatives, parts locators and mid-management employees?
  • Are you able to access the local colleges and/or vocational schools?
  • How are you attempting to locate competent employees?
  • What are you doing to provide continuing education for your employees?
  • What are the manufacturers doing to assist with continuing employee education?
  • What are the associations doing to assist their membership with these problems?
  • How can we as a group address this problem?
  • Can/should we as a group joins forces to address and try to relieve this problem?

SOLD has been conducting a survey regarding your most valuable tool or equipment purchase in the past 12 months. Following the panel discussions, the six most mentioned products will be announced by Erica Schulz-Schueller, editor of PTEN, in the Tool & Equipment Exhibit Hall at 11 AM. The six finalists will be allowed to conduct live, hands-on demonstrations until 1 PM.

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