Mitchell 1 launches new Connected Car Interface in Manager SE system

Mitchell 1 partnered with Entricit to connect vehicles using different telematics devices to repair shops.

Mitchell 1, Entricit
Mitchell1 Manager Se Connected Car Alert Highlighted

Mitchell 1 released a new interface for the Manager SE management system to allow connected cars to communicate with repair shops, called Connected Car.

Mitchell 1 partnered with Entricit, a supplier of real time vehicle generated data, to connect vehicles using several different brands of telematics devices to repair shops using the management system.

So, the process of data now goes from the customers connected car (equipped with a telematics device from almost any supplier) to the data service supplier, Entricit, and then to the Manager SE system in a shop.

This process "simplifies telematics in an everyday manner," Cletus Nunes, Entricit CEO, told VehicleServicePros.

Customers nor shop owners need to install a specific device to benefit from the service.

When a connected car communicates a diagnostic trouble code, the alert will show up in the SE management system of their designated shop with a "Alerts" icon. Then, according to Mitchell 1, ProDemand provides over 1 billion repair jobs, wiring diagrams and real fixes.
"We think this is going to change the whole history of repair information," said Mitchell 1's Ben Johnson, director of product management, at the 2017 AAPEX debut of the interface.

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