VIDEO: Tool Review: AIRCAT Nitrocat 1056-XL for heavy duty use

April 24, 2018
Juan Ayala reviews his 1/2" Composite Compact Impact Wrench.

Hear what senior automotive technicians have to say about AIRCAT Heavy Duty Impacts.

Juan Ayala reviews his AIRCAT Nitrocat 1056-XL, 1/2" Composite Compact Impact Wrench, and how it works on everyday on tough jobs.

Ayala, a senior technician with 20 years of experience, has owned his compact or "stubby impact" for about a year. He likes the size of it. It works very well for taking transmissions out and working between the radiator and the front of the engine. He really likes the torque, both forward and reverse, compared to other impact wrenches he’s used. He says the grip is fantastic, very comfortable easy to grip.

The forward and reverse controls are convenient to use and can be changed one-handed. He also says the torque control is easy to use.