Tool Review: K-Tool International Extended Reverse Cut-Off Tool

Oct. 9, 2023
Reviewed by John Baumgardt, owner, operator, and technician at Baumgardt's Auto Repair in Fillmore, Indiana.

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Q: How did the tool/equipment function as far as saving you time?

A: Due to both the length and the ability to cut in reverse direction, the K-Tool International Extended Reverse Cut-Off Tool, No. KTIXD707, was able to be used in spaces that formerly needed extra disassembly to reach and/or cut.

Q: How has using this tool impacted your shop's profitability?

A: It saved time on extra disassembly and reassembly, which saves labor resulting in more income.

Q: What kind of setup was involved before using the product?

A: After unboxing, I put a few drops of oil in it and put some Teflon tape on an air fitting, then tightened it into place. I put on the included cutting disk and was ready to go. 

Q: How easy was it to use?

A: This was the first time I've used a cut-off tool like this and initially the weight that extends past the handle was a bit awkward. All of my other cut-off tools and die grinders are short and lightweight. It didn't take long to get used to it though. 

Q: How was its packaging? Did it come with any accessories?

A: It came packaged in a nicely illustrated box that holds the tool securely. It came with a 4" cutoff disk, an Allen wrench, and a pin-style wrench for securing the cutting disk, as well as a washer to use a disk with a 5/8" center bore.

Q: Was there a manual included? If so, did you use the manual and was the manual easy to understand?

A: Yes, a small, easily understood manual was included. It was in three or four languages and covered the typical warnings, safety, operation, troubleshooting, and illustrated parts breakdown of the tool. I didn't need to use the manual but I read through it. 

Q: What features did you like?

A: Being able to cut in the reverse direction is awesome. I know this thing is going to save me so much time in the future. The extended reach makes it possible to reach into spaces that ordinary cut-off tools won't reach. The adjustable airflow helps make cleaner cuts in thinner material, reserve air, and make even less noise. It's a pretty quiet tool already. 

The tool comes with what you need to run a 3/8" or 5/8" center cut-off disk. It has a push button arbor lock, making disk changes easier. There is also a left-hand thread Allen bolt to ensure the main arbor nut doesn't come loose while cutting in reverse. The metal safety guard is a big improvement over the plastic ones that don't hold up to a drop or an exploded disk. 

Q: Is there any way you could think to improve or add to this tool?

A: As a cut-off tool it works great. I think if there was a larger safety shield and an arbor adapter or a way to use 4" or 4.5" sanding disks and grinding wheels with having reverse it would be more versatile, even if it was an add-on kit. I would also make the Allen wrench and the pin wrench a single tool so that you don’t have to keep track of two separate tools for changing disks, and it would be nice if the shield used the same size Allen wrench. 

Q: What types of jobs/repairs did you use this tool for?

A: I had to cut a couple of body mount bolts that I was unable to reach with my other cut-off tools. It was very beneficial because of the extended length, and the 4” disk gave me that little extra to cut cleanly through. I also used it to cut some motor mount bolts. By using reverse I was able to greatly reduce the sparks that went toward me and also toward the oil leaks that the engine had, reducing the risk of fire. 

Q: How does this tool compare to other tools you've worked with?

A: I have used many cut-off tools both straight and angled, all were 2" or 3". This is the first time I’ve used one with reverse direction or extended depth. Based on what I've been using, the new stuff is better. The long length and the position of the head make it valuable because it’s able to gain access to areas that can’t be reached by most other cut-off tools. Reverse direction adds another level to that and the 4" wheel gives extra depth.  

Q: Is there anything you had questions or concerns about in regard to the tool?

A: No, the tool was very straightforward and easy to use.  

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this tool overall? Why?

A: I would rate this a nine. The tool works great, I think that my suggestions would make it better and more versatile. 

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