Tool review: Beta Tools C27S Tool Trolley

Feb. 4, 2016
The cart’s maneuverability and collapsible sides top the list of useful features for this maintenance shop.

The Beta Tools Tool Trolley, No. C27S, offers technicians a unique tool storage unit that collapses for easy transportation or storage, according to the company. When collapsed, it has a centralized locking system that secures with the keys provided. The two center trays act like tool cabinet drawers that slide out in either direction enabling easy to access tools. The handles fold over to make it easy to store the unit in a small space such as a car trunk or under a workbench.

The review

Eric Moore, co-owner of DeMary Trucks in Columbus, Ohio, used the Beta Tools Tool Trolley primarily for transport of a frequently used diagnostic device in the shop, saving tool setup time.

“We used it mainly for the transportation and storage of a smoke machine,” Moore says. “Being able to keep all those accessories in one place, and keeping the smoke machine basically set up and ready for use saved the technician about 20 minutes of set up.”

Moore advises the trolley came fully assembled out of the box, was easy to use and only required minimal maintenance for upkeep.

“We did use a little graphite lube on the uprights to make the trays slide a little easier when opening and closing.”

Commenting on the features of the cart, Moore says his techs appreciated the maneuverability and the collapsible sides. “With one upright extended, we were able to move it like a two-wheel dolly for quicker transitions,” he says.

“With our smoke machine set up, we found that the stamped steel drawers were just the right size to store all the accessories. The smoke machine itself fit in the bottom compartment,” he adds. “It seemed they were made for each other.”

As an improvement, Moore did suggest larger size options for different shop needs.

“Since we deal mainly with truck repairs, the parts and tools we use are on the bigger side, and our technicians tend to ‘throw’ those items onto any surface nearby.  Some of these (items) can easily exceed the Beta Tools C27S Tool Cart’s capacity.”

That being said, Moore advises the cart served a purpose in the shop by being used as a dedicated location for a laptop and smoke machine.

He suggests the cart would be a good fit for light duty shops as well. “The Beta Tools C27S Tool Cart is a good fit for smaller shops or individuals who are constantly on the go from site to site with the same tools being used repeatedly.”

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