Guest Blog: 4 ways to prepare your customers' cars for winter

Dec. 13, 2023
Here are four tips to share with your customers for cold weather engine care.

As the winter months approach and the temperatures begin to drop, it is crucial to give any vehicle's engine the attention it deserves. Cold weather can take a toll on engine performance and longevity, but with a few simple actions, your customers can make sure that their engines are running smoothly and remain in top shape throughout the cold winter months.

Here are some friendly tips and reminders that you can share with your customers: 

  1. Routine oil change: When advising customers on the importance of regular oil changes, it is critical to emphasize utilizing the correct type of motor oil. The vehicle's manufacturer generally specifies the correct type of motor oil that properly suits the operational conditions of the vehicle. The vehicle's required motor oil type can be found on the engine oil cap within the engine itself, or customers can refer to the type and grade information in the owner's manual or maintenance guide for their specific vehicle. Choosing the correct motor oil ensures engine longevity and provides additional protection during cold starts.
  2. Regular vehicle maintenance: Before the temperatures drop, your customers should understand the significance of regular vehicle maintenance. Regardless of the weather, encouraging customers to practice routine maintenance such as replacing the air filter, changing spark plugs, and cleaning the fuel system will ensure long-lasting performance for any vehicle.
  3. Engine warm-up: Before driving in extremely cold conditions, advise your customers to further protect their vehicle’s engine in the winter by taking a few minutes to warm up the engine, approximately 1-3 minutes, before heading out on the road. This allows engine oil and other fluids to circulate and reach optimal temperatures, reducing potential wear and tear. Suppose a vehicle isn’t used for an extended period during the winter. In that case, customers should properly store it in a garage or use a vehicle cover to protect it from the harsh elements. 
  4. Winterizing a vehicle: Advise that customers should also consider the importance of winterizing their vehicle, which includes the removal of fluids that could freeze during periods of storage, such as washer fluid, and the utilization of fuel stabilizers to preserve fuel quality while the vehicle is not in use.

By advising your customers to follow these simple actions for cold weather engine care, they can increase the longevity of their vehicles and engines, ensure reliable performance, and stay safe on the road even when the temperatures drop. Regular maintenance and preparation are essential to help ensure a trouble-free winter driving experience, and technicians play a crucial role in conveying this knowledge to customers. 

Information provided by Pennzoil.

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