Ask the Expert: How do I select the right scan tool to diagnose electrical systems?

April 19, 2019
Assess the features needed for your fleet and what capabilities will best aid your technicians.

The complex connections of systems in heavy-duty vehicles can create a complicated diagnosis process, with electrical systems being especially time consuming. Assessing the features needed for your fleet and what capabilities will best aid technicians can help you decide on the best scan tool for your shop. Technicians can use the same scanner to read codes, control and diagnose engines, transmissions, trailers, brake systems, and more. On-tool repair assets can save time and keep technicians at the vehicle to diagnose, test, and repair.

Long-term data recording will help you track lingering issues, allowing you to complete several drive cycles to replicate an issue, closely watching how multiple vehicle systems perform. In addition to recording data, you will need access to live data and data graphing during diagnostic testing. While conducting system checks and other troubleshooting efforts, the ability to simultaneously watch the live data stream allows you to better locate the source of the issue. As you search for the best scan tool for your shop, consider the Bosch ESI [truck] heavy-duty (HD) professional scan tool to help get your trucks back on the road faster.

Information Provided By: Dan Sampson, Bosch Diagnostics.

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