Ask the Expert: What can be done to protect against water in fuel?

March 16, 2018
Using demulsifiers is one method to combat water in diesel fuel.

Q: What can be done to protect against water in fuel?

A: The two main methods used to combat water in diesel fuel are emulsifiers and demulsifiers. There are pros and cons for each method, but we feel that demulsifying or separating out the water from the fuel is safest for the fuel system. Modern fuel systems are equipped to catch water safely before the injection system. If an emulsifier additive is used it is possible that an unsafe amount of water could pass through the filter and into the injection system. We have heard of injector tips breaking off and falling into the combustion chamber because water was in the fuel system at unsafe levels. A demulsifier eliminates this risk and usually lowers the freeze point so the moisture doesn’t freeze.

Information provided by: Hot Shot's Secret

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Chris Gabrelcik | President and Owner

Chris Gabrelcik is president and owner of Lubrication Specialties, Inc., manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret additives and oils .

Chris has certifications both as Lubrication Specialist (CLS) and Oil Management Analysis (OMA). Beginning with formulations for industry machinery, Chris has directed the company to its current role as a global leader in the development of fuel and oil additives for multiple markets including the automotive and heavy duty transportation aftermarket.

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