Up Close: Electronic Specialties Fuse Buddy Mini Kit, No. 309A

April 19, 2024
The kit reads circuit amperage draws by plugging directly into the fuse receptacle at the fuse box.

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The Fuse Buddy Mini Kit, No. 309A, from Electronic Specialties is normally deployed when there are electrical issues most easily diagnosed at the fuse panel. It can be used to monitor the circuit current draws after a blown fuse event. Also, some components like fuel pumps and A/C compressor clutches are extremely difficult to access. When a fuel pump draws high currents, it can be a sign of imminent failure. 


Electronic Specialties has been manufacturing, supplying, and servicing VOM's and multimeters since 1967. They knew that some technicians were using their multimeters to tap and read circuit currents. When you push your multimeter test probes into the fuse receptacle, the pins can spread apart and cause expensive damage to the fuse panel. They decided to offer a solution which could alleviate this issue and make perfect electrical connections without damage. The idea was to create the Fuse Buddy with an end piece shaped just like a fuse. 

Features and benefits

  • Fuse Buddy reads circuit amperage draws by plugging directly into the fuse receptacle at the vehicle's fuse box. The end piece is formed into the shape of a fuse for easy insertion. The removed fuse is placed into the side of the end piece, thereby maintaining fused protection during testing. 
  • This tool does its job quickly and saves time. With Fuse Buddy, you won't need to fabricate adapters for tapping amp draws. 
  • Fuse Buddy can read amp draws up to 30A, whereas most DMMs can only read up to 10A. Its higher amp capability jumps that gap and eliminates the need for a current probe

Manufacturing/engineering specifications 

Fuse Buddy can measure circuit current up to 30A.  The LCD resolution is 0.1A, and it can be used on system voltages up to 48V.  This kit includes a storage pouch to keep the end-piece adapters in order. The length of the cable from the end piece to the digital meter is 36". Powered by an A23 12V battery. 

Information provided by Electronic Specialities. 



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