Up Close: Beta Tools 1547/C6 Universal Ball Bearing Extractor

Aug. 8, 2023
Easily removes damaged ball bearings.

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The Beta Tools 1547/C6 Universal Ball Bearing Extractor easily extracts damaged ball bearings. Efficiently remove damaged bearings in hard-to-reach areas where an internal or external puller can't gain access.

Features and benefits

  • Foam-padded case for easy transport and organized storage
  • Easily adjust the pullers to cover bearings ranging in size from 1 1/16" to 5"
  • Manual puller with hex end for a wrench or socket removal
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Quick assembly
  • Organized storage case 


The engineers behind Beta Manufacturing created this convenient kit to improve the efficiency and safety of ball-bearing extractions.

Manufacturing/engineering specifications

  • Made in Taiwan
  • Heat-treated steel to HRC 36-44
  • Weighs 7 lbs


To watch a video demonstration of this product, click here.

Information provided by Beta Tools

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