Big-Time Boxes: Jack Reigelsperger, Snap-on

Feb. 4, 2016
Spacious, clean and room for cordless tool organization

Owner: Jack Reigelsperger

Shop: Sick Customs

Phoenix, Ariz.

Jack Reigelsperger, owner of Sick Customs, a shop devoted to building custom vehicles in Phoenix, Ariz., has worked on cars for nearly 20 years. “We build custom cars and motorcycles. We do full metal fabrication, performance engines, custom air suspension, body and paint.” He says, “We stay small because I like to have my hands on every car we do. I don't want a production shop. Every car we build is unique to the customer.”

Speaking of unique, Reigelsperger’s custom-painted white with red trim Snap-on EPIQ series toolbox offers all the features he could ask for including a stainless workstation with LEDs and cabinets spacious enough to hold all of his specialty tools. He really likes that the box allows him to keep his power tools hidden. "It features a power cabinet drawer which allows me to store all my cordless tools and chargers in one drawer, eliminating the ugly power cords."

At 18' long by 8' high, Reigelsperger's box also features too many drawers to count. Although, he said, five drawers are located in the bottom halves of his side cabinets. 

Reigelsperger’s box contains upwards of $250,000 of tools. His favorite tool in his box is his welder. He says there’s, “something about melting metal together in a hot fiery passion. The limits are endless.”

"I have been building this box in my head for years and finally pulled the trigger," he said. Even though he purchased the customized toolbox, he isn't done. "Now that it's complete, I actually will be adding two more side cabinets in the future."

Reigelsperger purchased this toolbox about a year ago, and he boasts about the increased organization opportunity it has provided. “I love that every tool has its place now. No more overflowing drawers.”

Even though he acknowledges it was a big step for his shop, he also knows it was well worth the investment. "It allows me to be more efficient knowing where every tool is and knowing if I am missing something. Every tool has its clean place and no tool is allowed to be put away dirty. It's a pet peeve of mine." He adds, "You would not step in a Ferrari with muddy shoes."

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