Big-Time Boxes: John Polascik

March 13, 2015
A box that shines like gold.

Owner: John Polascik

Shop: J.J. Polascik Sales and Service

Location: Hazleton, Pa.

Over the past 50 years, or so, John Polascik has gone from technician to shop foreman to owner and back to technician. Currently, Polascik runs a typically one-man shop in Hazleton, Pa. called J.J. Polascik Sales and Service.

His shop performs most types of repairs with the exception of body work and front-end alignments, and he will perform repairs on anything that can fit through the door of his shop (including light duty pickups).

As a self-employed owner/operator/technician, John Polascik has found his Snap-on toolbox has grown since 1964, when he first started building it as a sophomore in high school. "In school they didn't give you any boxes, just a hand-held bag." He knew he would eventually need a box. "When you work in the dealerships, you need a box so your tools don't disappear."

Polascik's box began as just one piece, but he has continued to build on it. Now, 13' long, by 5' high (and 7' high in the center), his toolbox has reached its size limit. If Polascik had his way, he would add an additional box on each side.

"I had to remove the radiator in the shop to make room." He says, "The toolbox is a fixture."  

The storage setup features brass trim and drawer name plates that were added as a gift from Polascik's five children once the box was complete. The name plates are engraved with the name of the corresponding tools in each drawer or box. "They certainly do brighten it up," he says. "I like the brass, it looks like gold."

Polascik adds that his local Snap-on Tools distributor has even brought his district manager in to show off his box.

It's no question that his toolbox makes a statement. But, Polascik says that the housed computer and television are his favorite parts of the box. From the computer, he can "order parts direct, diagnose and check operations on repairs and it's all at my fingertips... no more manuals."

His favorite tool is Mitchell 1 OnDemand5, which has saved him countless hours on diagnosis and additional procedures.

Polascik's box holds, for the most part, Snap-on tools that he has been accumulating, like his box, since 1964. "Half a million dollars (in tools) without blinking an eye."

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