Big-Time Boxes: Eric Muir

Dec. 22, 2014
A box full of scan tools

Owner: Eric Muir

Shop: Brighton Auto Service

Location: Brighton, Mich.

With a motto of “Nothing gets out the door without being fixed,” it’s no wonder that Eric Muir, co-owner of Brighton Auto Service in Brighton, Mich. needs his 21’ long, 6’ tall Mac Tools box to hold all of his tools, including a large collection of scan tools.

Muir began his career by attending ITT in Fort Wayne, Ind., where he received his Associates Degree. From there, he became employed at 20th Century Automotive with his mentor, Greg McConiga, whom Muir attributes his success to. After leaving 20th Century Automotive for Brighton Auto Service, Muir spent five years working as a drivability specialist before taking on co-ownership.

Muir has worked as a European drivability specialist and a certified ASE Master L1 Advanced Performance drivability specialist for 30 years. Muir’s shop services between 450 and 520 vehicles per month. Muir performs diagnostics, programming and repairs to foreign and domestic high-end vehicles. He also installs and configures all warning and control system modules, including airbags, park assist, object detection, stability and back-up sensors and more. He also beta tests new-to-market scan tools for various scan tool companies and tool dealers around the United States.

In his role, Muir has invested over $300,000 in tools which include over 26 OEM scan tools, labscopes and even seven laptops. The toolbox that he has built to hold this collection is comprised of the Mac Tools Macsimizer, three side cabinets (two lower and one upper) and one hutch, all bolted together to form one unit. He initially built the first section 15 years ago, but added onto it again nine years ago.

Muir really likes the three side cabinets because they are “exceptionally large and they each have six to eight slide-out drawers to house all of my scan tools and laptops.”

He says that this box is easily expandable to add more workstations when he has the need. According to Muir, his Mac Tools boxes have held their value, which makes upgrading to a bigger box more affordable. He has been able to trade in old boxes to his local Mac Tools dealer and then apply the money to a new upgraded box.

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