Big-Time Boxes: Willie Olsen, Mac Tools and Matco Tools

Sept. 8, 2014
Multi-brand storage setup with customized graphics

Owner: Willie Olsen

Shop: Redd’s Automotive

Location: Baltimore, Md. 

Willie Olsen was 18 years old when he decided he wanted to be a technician. More than 16 years later, his tool selection is still growing, and so is his box.

Willie first purchased the 50.5” by 25” by 58” Mac Tech 100 Series box in 2005 while he was working as a technician at a Midas store.

Partially due to the cost of the toolboxes, he didn’t initially envision this box as what it has become. “It was quite an investment for me,” says Willie. “Adding cabinets at around two-thousand dollars apiece wasn’t feasible at the time. I was just worried about paying off the box itself. I never imagined it would be what it is now, and I’m still buying tools. I never finished.”

Since 2005, Willie has followed-up his initial purchase with a matching cabinet. Both the 19.5” by 25” by 58” cabinet and the box feature Jesse James graphics.

“I knew I wanted my box from the moment I saw it. I don’t have any interest in trading it in or upgrading it. It matches my personality,” he says.

As, Willie’s tool collection grew, he found the need for additional storage. He added a 20” by 24” by 55” Matco Tools 4s cabinet (because he no longer had access to the Mac Tool dealer that sold him the original box). He also purchased a separate 4’ tall Matco Tools tool cart that is “packed to the gills.” He describes the tool cart as a small (tool) box for additional storage.

Currently, Willie works at Redd’s Auto in Annapolis, Md. He has been at Redd’s Auto for a year and a half, working on Asian vehicles and Volvos. The shop specializes in Mercedes Benz, Volvo and BMW.

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