ATEQ TPMS Tools launches Live Sensor platform

Nov. 3, 2020
The Live Sensor platform allows real-time updates for all TPMS sensors compatible with ATEQ tools.
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ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC, launched the Live Sensor platform, creating a real-time updating portal for every sensor maker that is in ATEQ tools.

Live Sensor is a new, patent-pending technology that allows sensor information to be updated in real-time, allowing users to keep their tool updated as new information is added. This technology is beneficial for both TPMS sensor manufacturers and the tool user.

How Live Sensor effects TPMS sensor manufacturers

The Live Sensor platform is designed for constant updating. Sensor manufacturers no longer have to wait for quarterly software updates to amend their information. ATEQ’s global reach provides a multitude of benefits for different markets, without limitation. For example, during the winter season in the European market, sensor information is updated constantly to keep up with new vehicles. In the North American market, adjustments to sensor information are made continuously to keep up with a more mature market. The Live Sensor platform is meant to keep pace with every market environment around the world.

How Live Sensor effects tool users – WiFi-enabled devices

In order to see and utilize the changes made on the Live Sensor platform, all tool users must update their tool. If a user has an ATEQ WiFi-enabled device, like the VT56, a notification will appear on the top right corner of the screen when an update is available. The tool user will perform a normal update and once it’s complete, the user will have the most up to date sensor information for all vehicles.

How Live Sensor effects tool users – devices not connected to WiFi

Users that own ATEQ tools that are not connected to WiFi or don’t have a WiFi-enabled device, can simply connect their tool to WebVT and perform a normal update. ATEQ will always communicate Live Sensor updates to every ATEQ TPMS tool user, ensuring each tool owner takes advantage of the most up to date sensor information.

How the industry is reacting to Live Sensor

“It took our engineering team many years to implement Live Sensor since we first dreamed about it,” said Bruno Rousseau, worldwide TPMS (OE & aftermarket) manager, ATEQ TPMS Tools. “The server side has been the most challenging as we need to keep all the different software revisions and the different tools out there equally updated with new sensor coverage. We developed so many new technologies with Live Sensor that we had to patent them along the way. Now, when a sensor maker has new coverage to submit to ATEQ, it is live in less than 24 hours instead of three months. The benefits are extensive, and we did not stop there. We made Live Sensor available to all of our legacy tools as ATEQ is committed to keeping the lifespan of its tools the longest possible, so users are not forced to buy new tools because of technological obsolescence. Tools that are more than 10 years old can fully benefit from Live Sensor.”

“Keeping a TPMS scan tool updated is critical to servicing vehicles with TPMS,” said Brian Rigney, president, TIA, president, Dill. “New vehicles may have new protocols, or an OEM platform may change, requiring the scan tool to be nimble. With Live Sensor from ATEQ, tire dealers will be much more prepared to react to market changes, rather than waiting for a complete update. This is an innovative technology that tire dealers will enjoy.”

“Live Sensor is an important step in updating application data for TPMS sensors,” said Daniel Baker, senior director of sales, North American TPMS aftermarket, Schrader TPMS Solutions. “All tool manufacturers should adopt this type of innovation. To think a customer can have a new vehicle application in a matter of hours instead of months is truly revolutionary. Kudos to ATEQ for being the first.”

“The whole team at BH Sens are very proud of our premium quality, our innovation, and our extensive product range,” said Tony Davenport, global vice president of sales – aftermarket, BH Sens. “Our goal is to make everything about TPMS easier for our service providers and for all of our customers. Our strategic relationship with ATEQ now allows us access to their innovative Live Sensor platform. One key target in the IAM is being able to provide the latest and accurate information in real-time – this new and market-leading platform will deliver on that market demand. Thanks to all of the ATEQ team for driving forward with the new product offering.”

“Tyresure has been a close partner to ATEQ since 2008, and we like to think that we have contributed to ATEQ’s market leadership,” said Ian Smith, managing director, Tyresure/Hamaton. “ATEQ is committed to developing innovative, powerful, user-friendly TPMS functionality to make the TPMS technicians’ role simpler. ATEQ’s current TPMS tools are the benchmark tools for TPMS service. Now with Live Sensor, we can update our configuration data to the Live Sensor platform and instantaneously the data is available to download from the ATEQ WebVT portal. This means that we can add Tyresure coverage updates to the ATEQ database and our ATEQ customers can immediately download the updated version. This is a major step forward in functionality, helping us to marry our exceptional vehicle coverage with instant tool updates.”

“The Live Sensor platform is another great product from ATEQ to help technicians perform their jobs and safely get customers back on the road,” said Matt White, director of tire service at TIA. “Great work.”

“The ability for service providers to update their TPMS scan tool virtually in real-time provides them the opportunity to service their customers more quickly and efficiently than at any time before,” said David Martin, merchandising manager tool and supplies, American Tire Distributors. “This is a game-changer and moves TPMS scan tools into a new realm.”

“We live in a world where technology advances at a very fast pace,” said Eri Muca, global aftermarket TPMS manager, ATEQ TPMS Tools. “In 2008, TPMS tools were just service trigger tools and now, things have changed. TPMS tools can perform an initial inspection, program sensors, diagnose the system, reset the system, tire tread capturing, and all the way to customer management via WiFi. At ATEQ, we believe that the technician who is taking the tool out of the box is king. He will be using the tool on a daily basis and as the manufacturer, we have to work very hard to keep the device up to date and ready to perform whenever the technical calls upon it. Our commitment to ATEQ tool users is to offer them the best technology, coverage, support, and training for many years. With this spirit, we are very proud to announce that we can support the tool users live and make sure there is always a real-time solution. As long as tool users keep updating the tool, troubleshooting or fixing TPMS systems will be very simple.”

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