Identifix launches vehicle search by VIN number

Oct. 14, 2013
New feature adds faster vehicle access to Direct Hit.

Identifix, a provider of vehicle diagnostics for over 25 years, has unveiled its newest feature in Direct Hit: vehicle search by VIN. Subscribers can now access information even faster and more accurately by simply typing at least 10 digits of a vehicle’s 17-digit VIN when creating a new vehicle within the online tool. There’s also an auto-suggest feature that offers a list of applicable vehicles once a technician enters model and year information. Both new features ensure shop owners have the exact diagnostic and repair information they need for the
specific vehicle in their service bay.

Delivering information that comes straight from the factory, Direct-Hit allows professional technicians to diagnose and repair vehicles with greater speed, accuracy and confidence without leaving the vehicle. These new search upgrades mean technicians can work more efficiently and effectively than ever before.“Our product features and functionality are driven by the needs of our customers. A vehicle searc by VIN has been on their wish list for a long time, so we’re excited to be able to deliver this and other enhancements that help technicians and service advisors increase productivity,” said Aaron Cherrington, vice president of product management and strategy for Identifix. “As long as we continue to keep an active dialogue with both current and potential customers, we’ll always be well positioned to help meet the challenging demands of vehicle service and repair.”

For more information, including a short how-to video on the new enhancements, go to Current and potential subscribers can also call 1-800-745-9649 for more details.

Identifix welcomes questions and comments about the online tool Direct-Hit or the technical repair hotline either through its customer support telephone number or via social media: and Customers can also contact the company through its website at

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