Standard Motor Products Inc. acquires equity position in Orange Electronic Co., Ltd.

Feb. 5, 2013
Orange Electronic Co. enhances Standard Motor Products' position in TPMS market.

Standard Motor Products, Inc. announces it has acquired an equity position in Orange Electronic, Co., Ltd., a leading designer and manufacturer of tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors, located in Taiwan.

Standard Motor Products is provider of engine management and sensor technology with a concentration in engineering, design, manufacturing and quality testing. The company has taken a strong position in this growing TPMS category, offering a full line of OE matching sensors with more than 98 percent full-line coverage, as well as a growing line of clone-able sensors that match the original for fit, form and function.

Orange Electronic has been an innovator in the field of wireless tire pressure monitoring systems. Certified worldwide, Orange Electronic has received many awards for their innovative designs and has acquired numerous TPMS patents, including one for the advanced TPMS clone-able technology.

TPMS has been mandatory on all new vehicles since 2008 and is now one of the fastest growing product lines in the industry, with projections of significant increases and opportunities as the sensor batteries begin to wear out. A recent study by Frost & Sullivan Inc. predicts that this product category will more than triple in volume by 2018.

Standard Motor Products and Orange Electronic have enjoyed a working relationship for several years and with this new partnership, look forward to continued advances and mutual growth in this exciting and important TPMS category.

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