Innova launches RepairSolutions2 automotive app and OBD diagnostic tool bundle at AAPEX 2019

Oct. 22, 2019
Innova Electronics Corporation today announced the availability of its RepairSolutions2 app and new line of Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled on-board diagnostic tools, offering the most complete solution to help users of all automotive repair skill levels diagnose and repair check engine light-related problems.

Innova Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of test equipment and diagnostic reporting for the automotive aftermarket, today announced the availability of its RepairSolutions2 app and new line of Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth®-enabled on-board diagnostic tools, offering the most complete solution to help users of all automotive repair skill levels diagnose and repair check engine light-related problems. Innova will demo its new tools and RepairSolutions2 at booth #4856 during AAPEX 2019, being held November 5-7 in Las Vegas.

More than a stand-alone tool or app, the comprehensive solution provides access to RepairSolutions’ patented, cloud-based platform with a proprietary knowledge database. With RepairSolutions2, users get vehicle-specific inspection reports to find the problem and fix the problem efficiently with fixes, guided diagnostics and troubleshooting information that have been compiled, verified and confirmed for accuracy over the last 20 years by Innova’s nationwide team of ASE Certified Technicians. A new in-app feature called LifeTime Link makes it easy to accurately identify the parts needed for the job and connects customers with their preferred auto parts distributors to automate the parts purchasing process. “Fixing today’s high tech cars can be challenging, which is why Innova is committed to constantly tapping the latest knowledge and technology to help our customers accurately and efficiently repair their vehicles,” said Bob Madison, Innova’s director of technical services. “In my more than two decades in the automotive repair industry, RepairSolutions2 is by far the most comprehensive solution to diagnose the problem, figure out if the repair is within your skill level and fix it correctly with the right parts.”
The latest generation of Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth®-enabled Innova OBD tools and dongles pair with the RepairSolutions2 app to generate detailed vehicle diagnostic reports on demand or to view when convenient via a mobile device. After initial setup, the Wi-Fi-enabled tool automatically and seamlessly pairs with the app to push reports to the tablet or cellphone so the user can keep working on the vehicle and view the data later. Icons show verified fixes with how-to-repair videos, which are tied to the needed repairs. It also offers the option to purchase parts from your preferred online retailer directly through the app. Other advanced features include the ability to see oil life, brake pad life, battery voltage and tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) status, live data and fixes for body and chassis codes when the feature is supported by the vehicle and tool. There can be up to 100 modules on newer vehicles to monitor the status of everything from power door locks and remote keyless entry systems to a rear window defroster, which is why Innova’s new tool line also includes full Network Scan results for select tools and supported vehicles. RepairSolutions2 features a way to keep track of a vehicle’s scheduled maintenance and the option to purchase maintenance-related parts directly through the app. It also offers factory and NHTSA recalls and access to all factory technical service bulletins to alert users about potential issues with their car or truck, as well as predicted repairs on probability of potential problems to watch for with their vehicle that stems from Innova’s vast database of in-use vehicle data. The service maintenance and predictive diagnostics features are designed to help vehicle owners avoid surprise repairs and breakdowns, while improving reliability and efficiency. RepairSolutions2-compatible diagnostic tools are available direct from Innova and will be sold by select retailers, including AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts. Options range from entry-level code readers to dongles and full-featured professional scan tools that can be used alone on an unlimited number of vehicles or with the free RepairSolutions2 tool companion app. For more information about the latest OBD diagnostic and scan tools from Innova, click here. The RepairSolutions2 app is a free subscription available to download from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. Each Innova diagnostic tool and RepairSolutions2 bundle includes free access to all of the app features for a minimum of five VINs, with varying coverage by selected tool package. There are also options for subscribers to make in-app purchases to expand the complimentary VIN coverage provided. For more information about RepairSolutions2, visit
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