RTI introduces new refrigerant handling system

Jan. 1, 2020
RTI Technologies introduced its new ArcticPRO RHS980 Digital A/C Refrigerant Handling System at a press conference Tuesday morning at AAPEX. "The first thing I'm sure you'll notice is that this does not look like a traditional RTI service machine," s

(Oct. 31, 2007) RTI Technologies introduced its new ArcticPRO RHS980 Digital A/C Refrigerant Handling System at a press conference Tuesday morning at AAPEX.

"The first thing I?m sure you?ll notice is that this does not look like a traditional RTI service machine," says Jeff Murphy, president and CEO of RTI Technologies. "The ArcticPRO RHS980 is totally new from the ground up."

It fully complies with SAE J2788 and ETL confirmed that it meets all requirements, he said.

"It is the easiest to use R134A recovery, recycling, evacuation and recharging service machine in our industry" Murphy says. "ArcticPRO's control panel is mounted on a revolving turret. This turret rotates 90 degrees in either direction from center for unrestricted control panel viewing. This eliminates machine repositioning for the technician once the connections to the vehicle are made."

The machine is equipped with a one-piece, through color molded cover to provide dent, corrosion and scratch resistance. The RHS980 features an easy-to-use, menu-driven function input and display. Large diameter high and low pressure gauges are included.

An extra-large tool tray; two conveniently placed oil bottle and cup holders; readily accessible large document storage pocket; and an ergonomic machine mobility handle, which is designed for hose coiling and low-effort machine positioning are all standard. Cushioned, non-inflatable, zero maintenance rear wheel/tire assemblies are designed to provide easy machine positioning and handling.

"The RHS980 includes complete TechALERT compatibility, and was designed with this option in mind from the beginning," Murphy says.

A charge capacity data base module is available via USB jump drive. With data furnished by MOTOR Information Systems, technicians can determine and select correct refrigerant and oil charge capacities for the vehicle being serviced.

"By utilizing this USB jump drive approach, an officially registered database can be easily updated from any computer connected to the Internet via secure download from our Web site," Murphy says. "The RHS980 also features a dual stage, 7.0 CFM vacuum pump; a large industrial-duty cooling fan; and integrated oil change function all designed to accelerate operation cycle time. Our heavy-duty compressor with true single-pass filtration technology provides maximum system throughput."

The new ArcticPRO machine offers fully automatic sequence programmability. This allows the technician to instruct the unit to recover, recycle, vacuum, leak test and charge, at which point he can go do something else with his optional TechALERT remote in his pocket. The technician can select to charge either the high or low-side, depending upon their preference or the vehicle specifications. ArcticPRO monitors new refrigerant use and notifies the tech when additional refrigerant is required. After a refrigerant evacuation cycle, the RHS980 automatically does a total system check for the existence of possible leaks in the automotive A/C system. A filter-life monitor provides a preventative maintenance alarm when filter servicing is required.

Automatic oil recovery and integrated oil charge is furnished, and both recovery and charge bottles are located outside of the cabinet for quick reference and easy access. The external refrigerant cylinder storage shelf accommodates a 30-pound bottle, and is designed for quick and easy access.

Coming next year are three additional productivity-enhancing optional features, Murphy said.

Export printing capability will be added via the standard USB ports, which can be used for transferring service data to shop databases or customer paperwork.

An integrated refrigerant identifier will be added to help alleviate contamination issues, and meet individual state regulations.

Also, an air duct temperature probe will be available, to help confirm successful service activity.

The ArcticPRO RHS980 will recover more than 95 percent of automobile refrigerant within 30 minutes of start cycle to minimize refrigerant loss and to save money. Recharge accuracy is +/- 1/2 ounce. A 30 lb. refrigerant recovery cylinder is mounted inside the 980 cabinet to minimize load cell re-calibration.

A lift out document storage pocket exposes the refrigerant filter for easy removal and replacement. Cover removal or opening is not required.

"Filter replacement is an important element of the new J2788 standard, so this procedure must be performed often regardless of equipment manufacturer," Murphy says. "On the other side of the unit, oil recovery and oil charge bottles are completely exposed so there is no need to go inside the equipment cover. This is also true for vacuum pump oil; both adding and draining oil for the pump is easily accomplished outside of the cabinet. In order to provide optimal access to all internal components when service is required, we designed the RHS980 cover for rapid and complete removal. We also positioned all major components such as the compressor, vacuum pump, and printed circuit board for unrestricted access to ease troubleshooting and facilitate easy replacement when necessary."

Fluid path issues are among the most common service problem for A/C service equipment. With that in mind, the RHS980 features replaceable in-line hose screens located in the service lines outside of the cabinet for easy access and simplified replacement.

"During our development process we theorized and later confirmed that internal machine contamination, introduced by the vehicle's A/C system, could play havoc with the machine in consistently complying with the new and very demanding SAE standard."

After considerable development, a two-piece, patent pending KWIK-CHANGE "block" manifold assembly that accommodates rapid removal and replacement to remedy most typical fluid path service issues was developed.

"The complete removal and replacement of the upper KWIK-CHANGE manifold assembly can easily be accomplished by an entry level service technician in less than 20 minutes," Murphy says. "So while a fluid path service issue may keep one of the competitors' machines down for days during the busy season, waiting for a service center to arrive, RTI can have the typical shop back up and running the very next day or even sooner. Just one call to RTI for a quick over-the-phone diagnosis, and if the upper manifold assembly is the culprit, a replacement assembly will arrive the next day via FEDEX or UPS."

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