Gas prices influence auto repair shop business

Aug. 31, 2016
Crude oil and gas prices have more effects on the driving public than an automotive professional might realize.

Tschanen Brandyberry, special projects editor for the UBM Americas – Automotive Group, wrote a blog, “Gas prices are one area where all automotive professionals should take note.”

Automotive professionals are concerned about the cost of gas prices because there is a delicate balance of consumers having the ability to afford to fill a tank and stay up-to-date on vehicle maintenance and repairs, especially in areas where the economy is dependent on crude oil for its economy.

As the current cost of gas in the U.S. fluctuates at about $2, consumers feel like they are getting a relative bargain compared to the $4 per gallon cost they paid a year or two ago. Drivers who willingly fill their tanks at the current bargain prices have more money for vehicle repair and maintenance, which is a boost to repair shops.

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