More vehicles on the road offer more repair opportunities

Aug. 26, 2016
As vehicle populations grow, knowing the vehicles on the road in your area helps stake out your segment of auto repair.

Tschanen Brandyberry, special projects editor for the UBM Americas – Automotive Group, wrote a blog, “Repair shops can capitalize on the increased number of vehicles on the road.”

There are more vehicles in operation in the United States now than ever – some 258 million light-duty vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2015, an increase of 2.7 percent from 251.1 million the previous year. Even more promising for auto repair shops is that 88 million vehicles are between 6- and 12-years-old, the most common ages of vehicles needing repair.

There are several methods repair shop owners can use to get their fair share of vehicles into their shops. It starts by examining the marketing systems and databases available locally to get to know the types and numbers of vehicles in your service area.

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