Upgrade Your Rotary Lift SM-Series Four-Post Lift to Perform Car, Truck and Bus Alignments

Jan. 1, 2020
Increase your service capabilities by turning a heavy-duty Rotary Lift SM series four-post lift into an alignment lift using the company’s new bolt-on alignment kit.

Increase your service capabilities by turning an 18,000-pound or 30,000-pound capacity heavy-duty Rotary Lift SM series four-post lift into an alignment lift using the company’s new bolt-on alignment kit. With the retrofit installed, technicians can use an SM-series lift to align most vehicles, from work trucks to day cabs.

“Now you can add alignments to your repertoire without making a significant investment in a new lift or alignment rack,” says Doug Spiller, heavy-duty product manager for Rotary Lift. “Since the retrofit kit bolts right onto your current lift, installation costs and bay downtime are significantly reduced. Upgrading your existing lift means you’ll be able to stop sending out alignment work so you can hang onto your customers.”

Full alignment kits for the 18,000-pound capacity Rotary Lift SM18 include two 4,500-pound capacity stainless steel turning radius gauges and rear slip plates. The parts are compatible with all brands and types of alignment instrumentation. For the SM30 and older SM300 models, 7,500-pound capacity radius gauges are provided.

The SM18 is built to expand a shop’s capabilities beyond light duty service. With the alignment kit, the lift can be configured to handle alignments on Class 5 work trucks with wheelbases as long as 162 inches. The SM30 accepts wheelbases up to 307 inches, including most school and transit buses.

The lifts feature technician-friendly single-point release air locks that save time by opening all four column locks from one button. Ramp chocks engage automatically as the lift is raised to improve setup efficiency. Runways feature a non-skid coating to provide sure footing.

“This single kit turns a one-dimensional four-post lift into a multi-use profit center,” says Spiller. “It gives you more tools to use to grow your business. Plus, it is a genuine Rotary Lift accessory, so you know it is built to high standards and will fit perfectly.”

Shop owners interested in retrofit kits should contact their local Rotary Lift distributors to find out which options are best for their facilities.

Additional information about Rotary Lift’s full line of heavy-duty lifts can be found at www.rotarylift.com or via phone at (800) 640-5438. You can also connect with Rotary Lift on Facebook, www.facebook.com/RotaryLift; Twitter, twitter.com/RotaryLift; and YouTube, www.youtube.com/RotaryLiftMedia.

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