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How did MAGNA-MATIC DEFENSE come to be? The original concept was conceived by Daniel B. Jaquish, a certified gunsmith and U.S. Navy veteran (5” gunners mate). During Daniel’s time working as a government armorer, he noticed a problem in the efficiency of maintaining a large inventory of firearms. To improve the quality of his work and his productivity he began formulating a solution for his day-to-day problems. One of Daniel’s most time consuming operations was the cleaning of the bolt carrier and bolt tail of AR-15 family rifles. Hours with wire brushes and solvent motivated him to find a more efficient cleaning procedure. He explained his ideas for improving this problem to his friend of 15 years, Erik F. Bauer (BS Mechanical Engineering). Erik, who was also a firearm enthusiast, was extremely interested in Daniel’s dilemma. The two friends have stayed in touch and fueled their passion for firearms and tactical training by taking tactical firearms and contractor classes together in their spare time. Daniel provided Erik with some rough sketches, and with Erik’s expertise and training as a professional mechanical engineer, he was quickly able to transfer Daniel’s ideas to CAD, and then prototype them for Daniel to test. After months of testing the prototype, Erik and Daniel began to see a strong potential for a tool of this nature in the industry. Further prototypes were made and further testing completed, until a final design emerged. This is the patent pending design by Daniel B. Jaquish, inventor, and Erik F. Bauer, co-inventor. Production, marketing, supply chains and investment capital are among the many challenges to any good idea or concept. The Carbon Removal Tools concept was further developed with the help of Gerd F. Bauer II (BS Business Administration), the elder brother of Erik. Together Erik and Gerd II own Magna-Matic Corporation, a manufacturer of outdoor power equipment tools such as precision static rotational balancing instruments, lawn mower blade sharpening machines, and other tools. The brothers are Magna-Matic’s third generation of family ownership, originally founded by their maternal grandfather AJ Karrels in 1958. In 2004, Erik and Gerd II accepted ownership of Magna-Matic from their father Gerd F. Bauer, a German immigrant and trained mechanical engineer. Gerd F. Bauer significantly expanded Magna-Matic’s product line and its reputation for quality and design. Since Erik and Gerd II have owned Magna-Matic, it has significantly grown each year and its brand has been solidified in the outdoor power equipment industry. Magna-Matic has been manufacturing the highest quality preciesion tools for over 50 years, and Magna-Matic Defense is a branch into a new industry for Magna-Matic Corporation, but with Daniel’s experience in the firearms industry, Erik’s engineering and design capabilities and Gerd II’s marketing and administrative expertise, Magna-Matic Defense is poised to become a leading force in cleaning tools for the firearms industry.

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