Kukui integrates with Tekmetric providing world-class shop management and metrics

April 8, 2019
Through integration with Tekmetric, shop owners using the Kukui dashboard have immediate access to performance data that helps them better understand their shop’s performance.

Kukui Corporation, the maker of the All-in-One Success Platform, has completed integration with the Tekmetric shop management system which provides users of both products access to shop performance metrics. With the establishment of this integration partnership, Kukui has also welcomed Tekmetric as the newest member of the Kukui Certified Partner program. Both products will be showcased at the Shop Hackers conference in Nashville, Tenn. this weekend.

Through integration with Tekmetric, shop owners using the Kukui dashboard have immediate access to performance data that helps them better understand their shop’s performance and pinpoint areas of improvement that will enable increased profits. The Kukui platform integrated with Tekmetric also allows shop owners to analyze customer behavior and take control of their online reputation. Shops will have full transparency into the performance of every marketing campaign, including Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram, Yelp, SEO efforts, email, direct mail, postcards and review management. 

According to Tekmetric Co-Founder Prasanth Chilukuri, "Through hard work and careful planning, our team has laid the groundwork for Tekmetric to become the best shop management software for the business-oriented shop professional. A large part of our growing success is the result of robust partnerships. With Kukui—we’ve partnered with a world-class marketing organization that serves tens of thousands of shop owners across the country. As both organizations embrace the latest in web technologies and cultivate a customer-centric culture, this partnership just made perfect sense." 

In addition to the integration efforts of both companies, commitment to the Kukui Certified program signifies that Tekmetric is dedicated to maintaining a rigid set of standards and best practices that primarily support the success of shop owners in their professional and personal lives, and to support the continued success of the independent aftermarket industry.    

“I am really honored to welcome Tekmetric as a Kukui partner, especially as part of the Kukui Certified program,” said Todd Westerlund, CEO of Kukui. “I watched them as they entered the market, and then grow so rapidly it made everyone take notice. Tekmetric’s growth in parallel with their commitment to the needs of the customer is so inline with Kukui that the partnership seems natural.” 

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