Fleet Complete launches mobile video safety solution

April 9, 2018
This technology enables vehicle security and regulatory compliance with contextual video data.

 Fleet Complete, a global IoT solutions provider in the connected commercial vehicle space, has launched Fleet Complete Vision – a mobile video solution designed to improve operational safety and accident management for fleet owners in any industry. This advanced visual analytics solution is scalable to the customer's immediate needs regarding the level of video safety required and is fully integrated with the Fleet Complete platform for holistic fleet insights.

Fleet Complete Vision was conceived and designed to provide optimal driver, freight and vehicle safety support. This technology not only delivers driver assistance, enabling vehicle security and regulatory compliance, but also contextual video data that can help significantly reduce insurance and liability costs. The solution enables fleet managers to

  • Create and maintain driver scorecards,
  • Detect and review events, when and where they happened,
  • Share comprehensive trip reports backed by video analytics,
  • Gain photographic evidence for accident litigations.

The introduction of Fleet Complete Vision is consistent with Fleet Complete's end-user product map. It hones in on enhancing fleet safety and profitability though improving driver risk management and decision-making while on the road. With the outward-facing camera, video event recording, and ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) voice coaching, Fleet Complete Vision helps drivers protect the company's reputation, improve their safety scores, and provide visual evidence in accident situations.

"We are very excited to launch Fleet Complete Vision. It is a great complement to our connected vehicle solutions portfolio, helping establish optimal fleet safety," comments Tony Lourakis, founder and CEO of Fleet Complete. "It provides drivers, fleet managers and business owners both protection and prevention capabilities by combining video coaching with real-time event recording and analytics. Having video backup can either help protect the employees or provide opportunity to develop driver-specific training that will help ensure a safer working environment. This is the future of business fleet operations in the years to come."

In addition, Fleet Complete Vision is cost-effective and provides Fleet Complete customers the option to use their own smartphone devices or a dedicated windshield mounted camera, the company says. While premium options are also available, the goal of the new solution is not only to help safer fleet mobility but also to make it more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Easily downloaded mobile application will jumpstart the program, synchronizing video data with Fleet Complete analytics and driver behaviour reports. This type of video safety can mitigate accidents in fleet operations, help reduce cargo theft, and lower insurance and liability costs.

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