Conn. begins installation of car charging stations for EVs

Aug. 17, 2011
Newington Electric Company has created a new division, Connecticut Electric Car, dedicated to the installation of car charging stations in Connecticut.

Edward Ingalls, successor of Newington Electric Company, is the vision behind Connecticut Electric Car, a new company division dedicated to the installation of car-charging stations for CT’s growing fleet of Electric Vehicles or EVs.

CT Electric Car is quickly becoming a statewide leader in the installation and wiring of electric car charging stations in CT. Its newly formed division is able to draw from Newington Electric Company’s 50 plus years of experience and reputation for performing top quality electrical work throughout the state. In fact, General Motors, GMC maker of the Chevy Volt EV, recently named the company as an authorized installer for its electric car charging stations for all of its dealerships in the state. In addition, CT Electric Car is working with Nissan on a similar deal to roll out its Nissan Leaf this fall.

"As fuel costs continue to climb, so too does the demand for electric automobiles and a cleaner environment…we’re simply providing a service that’s in high demand,” said Connecticut Electric Car President, Ed Ingalls. “We’re proud to be the first to offer this service here in CT, while always making safety our top priority.”

CT Electric Car recently installed two car-charging stations in one of the parking garages that services Blue Back Square. Like many other progressive retail establishments, Blue Back Square recognized a need to offer such amenities in order to accommodate its retail and residential clients and tenants. In the near future, the company plans on doing business with CL&P and the State of CT for similar services offered to their environmentally-conscious employees and customers. Other projects in the works include setting up stations in area malls, property management companies, insurance companies, hospitals, municipalities and manufacturing companies.

Ingalls adds that the main benefit of installing a 220 volt level 2 charging station is that it only takes a few hours or less to fully charge an electric car versus a 110 volt level 1 that can take up to 10 hours or more to fully charge.

“As more and more retailers and restaurant owners are looking to install car chargers as a way to promote a cleaner environment, as well as way of attracting new business for electrical car owners, we here at CT Electric Car are a friendly and affordable destination,” said Ingalls.

Currently, the two most popular electric cars are the Nissan Leaf, and the Chevy Volt. Recently Mitsubishi i-MiEV also entered the marketplace. To charge an electric car, the owner simply drives up to the charging station and plugs in their EV. Anyone who installs an electric car charging station before the end of the year can cash in on a 30 percent rebate from the government. For more information on the 30 percent rebate, visit

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