R.C. Moore upgrades fleet with XATA Navigation

Sept. 27, 2010
And new color display units

XATA Corporation has announced that its customer, R.C. Moore, recently upgraded its 160-truck fleet with XATA Navigation, powered by ALK CoPilot Truck, and with TREQ-L and TREQ-M4 in-cab Color Display Units (CDUs).

With locations in four states, R.C. Moore provides logistics services in the mid-Atlanta and Eastern Seaboard regions. Since 2004, MobileMax by XATA has provided the logistics company with critical fleet data, such as delivery times and truck locations, as well as providing safe in-cab communications. To further optimize its fleet operations, R.C. Moore has now implemented XATA Navigation, which provides drivers with spoken, turn-by-turn directions.

XATA Navigation helps maximize fleet efficiency and increase driver safety. With a professional navigation system, drivers no longer need to call their domicile for directions or divide their attention between maps and the road, which can lead to unsafe driving and delivery delays.

Additionally, the TREQ CDU’s brighter screens are easy for drivers to see and read, better allowing them to focus on the road and their job of driving safely and reaching their destination on time.

“One of the ways we have provided superior-quality service to our customers is to leverage the latest fleet performance management technology,” said David Wilson, vice president, R.C. Moore. “Adding XATA Navigation and color display units to our trucks is yet another step in creating a safer, more efficient fleet.”

“We’re excited to have R.C. Moore continue to invest in its future with XATA,” said David Gagne, executive vice president, field operations, XATA Corporation. “By leveraging XATA’s fleet performance data, in-cab communications and professional navigation, over-the-road fleets can differentiate themselves as sophisticated organizations that provide the high level of customer service and on-the-road safety that customers demand.”

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