Sales Tip: Why lumens are no longer the top selling point

June 26, 2019
With all the features available in today's task lights and shop lights, brightest isn't the only quality technicians look for.

When LEDs first came on the scene, lumens were an exciting selling point. Products with the highest lumens were seen as being the best and brightest - literally. While they are technically the brightest, it is now becoming more well known that the brightest light isn’t the only quality to look for. It’s how the light is delivered that really counts.

“A lot of people get excited about how many lumens a light is,” says David Brands, president and CEO of Coast Products. “Depending on your work, that can be important, but for technicians who - most of their work is being done within four to eight feet - it's more the quality of the light beam rather than the brightness.”

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