Big-Time Boxes: Justin Hughes, Cornwell Tools

Feb. 13, 2017
Racks and trays help keep this technician's box organized

Owner: Justin Hughes

Shop: Gooseneck Implement

Location: Minot, N.D.

Walking into Gooseneck Implement in Minot, N. D., it'd be hard to miss the big blue 84" Cornwell toolbox, complete with hutch and side locker, set up in the corner of the shop.

Justin Hughes, a lawn and garden technician, purchased the toolbox in December 2014, about a year after starting as a technician at Gooseneck.

After being a technician for 13 years, he finally outgrew his previous toolbox.

"The salesman with a good personality was the key," Hughes says, about Cornwell Tools dealer Tim Bader. "I needed something bigger. The tool guy asked me to come out and look at a toolbox he had on the truck. The price was right."

Hughes also has a matching tool cart which he purchased from his tool dealer.

All in all, the Cornwell box is 108" long and filled with tools. But within the 21 drawers the tools are organized and categorized.

Each drawer holds one type of tool. For example, one drawers holds Hughes’ collection of pliers, and another holds only hammers.

Hughes said the key to staying organized is to invest in racks and trays to separate and house certain tools.

The lone side locker is filled to capacity with tool cases and sets stacked on top of each other on the two open shelves. The locker also features four drawers for additional storage, and a metal peg board available for additional tool hanging.

Eventually, Hughes says he may invest in one more matching side locker if he needs the space.

Hughes keeps his toolbox personalized with brand decals and stickers along the top of the hutch, his favorite part of the toolbox.

The hutch, Hughes says, is a great addition to have because it keeps everything together and inside the box and workstation.

He keeps the top of the box relatively clear, with minimal supplies hanging on pegs above the workstation which houses a laptop and charging area.

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