Top 10 Tools: JD Goad

Dec. 15, 2016
With more than 23 years of experience in the collision repair industry, JD Goad knows these tools will help make jobs go smoothly.

Technician: JD Goad

Shop: Goad's Body Shop

Location: Lexington, Va.

JD Goad has performed collision work for 23 years, officially. But he grew up in his father's shop, learning the business with hands-on experience from sweeping floors, to buffing, body work, frame work and painting. Now the VP at Goad's Body Shop, he is I-CAR Platinum Certified, MACS Certified and an ASE Master Technician as well as an I-CAR Instructor. His shop is an I-CAR Gold Class facility and GM, Nissan, Hyundai and Chrysler/Fiat certified. 

1. Equalizer Viper, No. VIP1138

Goad calls this the perfect tool for removing glass - encapsulated glass, glass with underside moldings or glass that is just difficult to get other tools to. "It is a wire-based ratcheting system that cuts urethane smoothly under the moldings," he explains. "You really have to see it in action. They have many good online videos demonstrating its benefits."

2. Dent Fix Spot Annihilator Kit, No. DF-15DX

This spot weld drill kit is depth-adjustable and full pneumatic. "It provides the pressure to drill through panels. Just pull the trigger and it does the work for you," Goad says. "Another advantage is that it drills at the perfect speed, which makes the spot weld bits last much longer than using them in other standard drills. It actually saves money in the long-run over conventional drills with spot bits."

3. 3M File Belt Sander, No. 28366

Rather than drilling out welds, cutting out laser welds, grinding to bare metal for welding or scraping out seam sealer, Goad will use the File Belt Sander. With a number of pads and grits available for this device, Goad says its easy to get in tight areas and it minimizes damage to adjacent areas.

4. Cornwell Pro Series Service Cart, No. CTBMM10BL

"Perfect size service cart for most needed tools at the job," observes Goad. "Very well-built, stable platform with little risk of tipping (and) drawers open and close with ease - all this at a reasonable cost."

5. ToolLodge Tool Drawer Organizer

Goad found this to be a great way to organize his tools they way he wants them. "Once you have laid out the design, you tap the tools, which creates an indention that now keeps the tools in place during opening and closing drawers," he explains. "Also, you can now easily see when there is a missing tool."

6. Innovative Tools and Technology Painters Prep Cart, No. I-MCPC

Goad uses this cart to keep everything he needs to inspect, prep and mask a vehicle handy in order to speed up the process. He adds that users can customize the cart the way it works best for that individual's needs.

7. Polyvance Nitro Fuzer Welding System, No. 6059-C

This welder allows Goad to keep repair money in-house instead of sending work to the parts manufacturers. With a little practice he says users can repair bumpers, lamps, fender liners, fuse boxes and lots of other parts. "Not only will you make money on labor instead of parts, painters will love not having to spend nearly the time color matching bumpers. Blend in the color and clear, then they are done," Goad says. He adds that replacing bumper covers is the least profitable part of business, but this welding system helps generate income while making insurance companies happier too.

8. Keysco Tools Hustler Stick, No. 77175

"Works great for minor adjustments to radiator supports and rear body panels," Goad observes of this tool that comes with a 6' chain and is made in the U.S.A.

9. Snap-on Tire Sensor System Tool, No. TPMS3

This tool helps Goad check, reset, reprogram and replace TPMS systems on most, if not all, vehicles he works on. Noting it works with many A/M TPMS sensors, he says it "can clone the original sensors, then program the A/M sensors with the same ID number. Additionally he says the tool's menus are easy to understand and the device can be updated online with the supplied cable.

10. Autel MaxiDiag Elite, No. MD802

This easy, entry-level code reader offers great make and model coverage, according to Goad. It checks airbag, engine, transmission and ABS codes. "With the new position statements released by the OEMs regarding pre- and post-scans after accidents, every shop should have one," Goad says. It also can save cycle time as the codes may lead you to repairs needed that may not be evident at the time of inspection. "Some tools are complex and confusing, but not this one," Goad says. "Get the information you need with minimal effort involved."

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