Top 10 Tools: Justin Moore

May 10, 2009
Technician Justin Moore from Macon, GA. shares the tools that take priority in his toolbox.

1. Matco 3/8"-drive swivel socket set
When you need to get into a tight space, such as the top bell housing bolts, these are the way to go.

2. Telescoping pocket magnet
This is a must for reaching those nuts and bolts that always get dropped into places where my hand just won't reach.

3. 36" Matco pry bar
Perfect for prying stubborn transmissions and ball joints loose. It is strong enough that it will not easily flex. With the metal tail cap you can hammer on it without worry.

4. Visual Optics Video Stik
Perfect for seeing into tight spaces, and far better than holding your eye to an eye-piece while trying to maneuver. This tool has saved me countless hours of teardown.

5. Streamlight Stylus Pro
A nice upgrade from the original Stylus Penlight. The tailcap on/off switch is easier to use than the old twist-on method, especially with greasy hands. High light output and compact size make it perfect for seeing into tight spaces. It's also far easier to find and cheaper to buy AAA batteries instead of AAAA batteries.

6. Matco 2112 3/8"-drive Impact Wrench
This is my go-to tool when I need something removed or installed fast. Plenty of torque to get the job done, and small enough to get into tight spaces. I have been using it, trouble-free, for more than two years now.

7. Snap-on Six-Piece Instinct Soft Handle Screwdriver Set
These screwdrivers give me excellent grip with a comfortable handle. They are much more comfortable to use than the old plastic-handle screwdrivers.

8. Matco MT1859 Air Ratchet
This air ratchet gives me the power and speed that I need to get the job done. I prefer the button-style over the lever-style trigger. After pinching my hand in the lever-style trigger enough, I decided to go with this one. I have been more than happy ever since.

9. Snap-on Flex Head Wrenches
What we at the shop affectionately call "Bucket" wrenches. These are perfect for tight spaces, and give me a better breaking force than a regular wrench.

10. Snap-on 14-1/2" Long 35-Degree Bent Nose Needle Nose Pliers
I use these for everything from hose clamps to removing stubborn hoses. These pliers have excellent grip and leverage.

For sharing his Top 10 Tools with readers, Justin received a set of PB Swiss Tools' Color-Coded hand tools and an E-Z Red Camouflage Rechargeable Pocket Fliplight.

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