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March 6, 2019
MyShop Traffic will exhibit its product at the AASP Northeast Trade Show at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey, March 15-17 at booth #342.

MyShop Traffic, a management software for collision repair facilities created by a body shop for a body shop, will exhibit its product at the AASP Northeast Trade Show at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey, March 15-17 at booth #342.

MyShop Traffic helps body shops eliminate the chaos and welcome empowerment. In this high-tech age, many shops are still tracking workflow on pen and paper, or a white board at best. This leaves much room for error and little ability for anyone but the shop manager to know what’s going on inside the shop, let alone leave or go on vacation. MyShop Traffic changes all of that, putting the workflow literally in the hands of the techs who update the jobs digitally as they move the vehicle along the repair process. Everyone from the front office to the shop floor, to the shop owner from his poolside lounge chair can access this up to the minute information at any time. The software also supply inventory, parts, labor hours, job costing, cycle time and touch time and delivers data that can be analyzed to help streamline operations. All of this takes the chaos out of managing a shop’s workflow and puts more money in the bottom line.

The software was created by Gene Cortes, a collision repair expert who’s been in the business for 40 years and has owned his own body shop since 1992. “MyShop Traffic was born out of my own day to day frustrations with managing workflow, knowing real costs and tracking profits,” says Cortes. “I needed a better system than just keeping it in my head or on paper, so we created a program that helped us digitally track vehicles in the repair process, manage inventory and cut back on cycle time, which all have an impact on profits. Over the past year, we have worked to further develop the software to offer it to all body shops who want to see more money in their bottom line.”

MyShop Traffic optimizes a shop’s business by tracking cycle time, cutting back on wasted inventory, increasing productivity and allowing shop owners to lead and manage their staff from any location in the world.  Run from the palm of your hand via a smartphone, laptop or tablet, the software is secure, smart and mobile. MyShop Traffic optimizes workflow, logistics, output and profit, ensuring that every body shop is operating at its fullest and most streamlined potential. All of this yields fewer errors, less delays, decreased costs and increased revenues.

MyShop Traffic is also offered by BASF Refinish Automotive Coatings as part of their Vision+ Value Beyond Paint Tools and Services program via their BASF ColorSource and Multi-Line distributors.

Live demos of the software will be available during the trade show at booth, #342

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About MyShopTraffic LLC

MyShop Traffic was founded by Gene Cortes, an auto body owner with more than 40 years in the industry. Ten years ago, business was good, but Cortes had identified areas of improvement such as wasted time and inventory, and bottlenecks in the repair process. He worked with a web developer to create a simple software on his then Palm Pilot that helped him track every state of a vehicle's repair. Over time, the software became the key component of his shop's management system and in 2017, Cortes developed a proprietary software called MyShop Traffic to help bring this software to other body shop owners. The MyShop Traffic team is led by Cortes and his daughters, Melly Bonita and Stephanie Cohen, who both grew up in the body shop business and have spent their professional careers working in corporate sales, marketing and design. They bring a wealth of practice and knowledge from their experience living and working in the family business as well as their years working for large multinational corporations and marketing agencies.

MyShop Traffic was created by a body shop FOR a body shop. The company understands the intricacies of the collision repair business and has built features into the platform that help shops tackle their day to day operations with ease, efficiency and more profit in the bottom line.

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