Chief introduces industry's first computerized measuring system for HD collision repair

Sept. 14, 2016
Chief’s new Cam Scan HD is the first computerized measuring system in North America designed to identify and document all collision damage on heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks and buses.
Chief’s new Cam Scan HD is the first computerized measuring system in North America designed to identify and document all collision damage on heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks and buses. “Our new Cam Scan HD computerized measuring system provides the precise, accurate measurements technicians need to eliminate any guesswork when analyzing frame damage on heavy-duty vehicles,” says Lee Daugherty, heavy-duty sales manager for Chief. “With all the engineering advancements being made in the vehicle design and manufacturing process, shops need the precision of our computerized measuring system to properly repair collision-damaged vehicles. Cam Scan HD is also faster than other measuring methods and provides documentation of damage and completed repairs.”
The new Chief Cam Scan HD computerized measuring system allows technicians to see and document the full scope of the damage to a heavy-duty vehicle, develop a plan for repairs, and then print out professional, documented proof that the repairs were completed.

The Chief Cam Scan HD computerized measuring system lets technicians easily measure and compare two points anywhere on a vehicle using PanoVision Technology, a patented process for making precise measurements from stereophotogrammic images. It can measure the condition of a frame in the X, Y and Z axes to detect diamond, mash, sway and twist. The Chief Cam Scan HD system can be used for frame rail analysis, axle and trailer alignment analysis, and even to measure areas that the centerline gauge and string method can’t, such as upper body damage and cab openings. Because it is faster and more accurate than traditional measuring methods, it is more profitable for shops, with the added benefit of providing documentation of each measurement.

Insurance companies are increasingly demanding documentation of damage in order to approve an estimate for repair. They are also requiring documentation demonstrating that the repairs were made prior to initiating payment. This documentation is also valuable to the shop. Repair documents provide peace of mind to the customer and instill confidence in the shop’s professional abilities. From a liability standpoint, repair documentation provides proof of the exact condition of the vehicle when it entered and left the shop.
“Printed, verifiable repair documents are an important part of today’s shop function that will only grow more critical in the future,” said Lee Daugherty, heavy-duty sales manager for Chief. “Heavy-duty shops need to transition to the accuracy of a computerized measuring system to improve repair accuracy, save time and money, and satisfy the insurance industry’s growing requests for documentation.”
The Chief Cam Scan HD measuring system includes a laptop computer loaded with PanoVision software, wireless mouse, 32-inch monitor, and color document printer, all housed in a durable, portable locking cabinet. The cabinet also houses the lightweight portable camera measuring assembly that is equipped with a visual display and two cameras on each end. The lightweight camera is easy to use both inside the shop and off-site, if needed. The system comes with 12 calibration boards and measuring attachments, as well as a halogen lighting system.
To learn more about the Chief Cam Scan HD measuring system, including a video of it in action, visit For more information about the full line of Chief heavy-duty collision repair equipment, visit, contact your local Chief distributor or call (800) 445-9262. Chief is also active on Twitter, and Facebook, For video, visit

About Chief
Chief, a Vehicle Service Group (VSG) brand, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality collision repair products and services. The Chief product line includes frame-pulling equipment, vehicle-anchoring systems, measuring systems, vehicle frame specifications and joining equipment including welders, rivet guns and fume extractors. Chief is also a leading provider of comprehensive training on structural analysis, measuring, collision dynamics, aluminum repair, and design based repair.
VSG comprises nine global collision repair and vehicle lifting brands: Chief, Elektron, Rotary Lift®, Forward® Lift, Direct-Lift®, Hanmecson®, Revolution® Lift, Blitz® and nogra®. VSG also has exclusive North American marketing rights to the Chassis Liner and Globaljig brands. With its North and South American headquarters in Madison, Indiana, VSG has operations worldwide, including ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities on three continents. VSG is part of the Engineered Systems segment of Dover Corporation, a multi-billion dollar, global producer of innovative equipment, specialty systems and value-added services.

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