When it comes to showcasing new tools and equipment in the automotive industry – especially those that can help technicians perform their job easier and more efficiently – you know you can always count on PTEN.

We already share top products on a monthly and quarterly basis. Take for example our monthly “Top 10 most popular products of the month” that takes a look at the topmost clicked on products that were added during that month, or our “Top 10 diagnostic products” that highlights leading diagnostic tools introduced each quarter.

However, our annual Top 100 is different. Each year, we compile all print and online product inquiries submitted from our readers. Through the reader service cards in every issue and our online e-inquiry system, we track what products our readers want to know more about — and then we share our results.

So, look and see what other technicians and shop owners are interested in. Perhaps there’s a tool that is more user friendly than what you’re currently using, or a specialty tool that you didn’t know about. Whatever the case, just know that these requests came from other techs like you, not our editors or advertisers. 

Download the full list of the 2021 Top 100 Products here.