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The best 0.1 hours of your life: Thoughts on tools, training, and auto repair from's Craig Truglia.

  • The old fashioned oil change is going "bye-bye"

    By Craig Truglia - Friday October 11, 2013
    When I first owned a repair shop, way back in October 2009, the automotive business was totally different. For one thing, we still fixed cars made in the 1990s, which is something I see almost never in New York now. Another thing was that the standard...
  • Toyota 1G-GZE P0171 system lean diagnostics

    By Craig Truglia - Thursday September 26, 2013
    I am going to save you a lot of time reading this blog and just say the answer is "intake manifold gasket." That's where this blog ends, but it is important to note that many technicians get too intimidated by system lean DTCs like the much feared P0171...
  • Stop scanning 'check engine' lights for free

    By Craig Truglia - Friday September 13, 2013
    I had a conversation with another shop owner recently and he was telling me how they charge $25 to scan a "check engine" light and give a short consultation to the customer. To be honest, I have been doing it for free and using the "consultation" as a...
  • Don't shoot your customers!

    By Craig Truglia - Friday September 6, 2013
    An article in a recent PTEN newsletter got me thinking: Everett Douglas, 38, was arguing at JC Automotive on Bert Road with the store's owner. When the argument turned physical, police at the scene said the owner shot Douglas in the abdomen. No...
  • Top five worst things about auto repair

    By Craig Truglia - Thursday August 22, 2013
    I'm sure every industry thinks theirs is the most stressful and irritating. However, aside from maybe cooks that work every holiday and burn themselves regularly, I think we who fix cars have it the worst. Here's my list of major gripes: 5. Parts guys...
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