PTEN Daily - Nov 17th, 2023
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November 17, 2023
So often, I hear the chants of many a technician stating, “Ignition analysis is dead.” On the contrary…I find it to be DEAD-ON!
The implications of AI in the automotive industry.
In this video, Hofmann demonstrates its Armored Series 2400P Wheel Balancer.
The virtual reality program, Vehicles for Change, aims to train to next generation of auto technicians using a curriculum created by well-trained master technicians/instructors.

This XL C-frame locks in cups and adapters, making it easier to setup your press to remove and install ball joints, U-joints, wheel studs and more. The CA7149 from OTC includes 7 cups and adapters for more than 230 vehicle applications.

The Rotary Mobile ADAS Calibration System is designed to offer shops a quick and cost-efficient way to perform static and dynamic calibrations and resetting of ADAS correctly with fewer physical targets. The portable system features a 75" 4K HD monitor that creates digital non-scaled vehicle targets, 360-degree motion casters, accurate laser positioning...
The KNIPEX 9" Crimping Pliers - Four-Mandrel DT Contacts, No. 97 52 67 DT, are designed to crimp all turned male and female contacts for the DT, DTM, and DTP series (Deutsch series). The pliers have a crimping capacity from 22-12 AWG and the synchronous feed of the four mandrels achieves ideal crimping results with eight indentations (4/8-indent). ...
The Mac Tools 3-pc Adjustable Joint C.S.T. Pliers Set, Nos. P7AJCST, P10AJCST, P12AJCST, features a rack and pinion design that encourages slot engagement and reduces blocking points. A large multi-position rack allows for a larger and more accurate fit for a better overall grip. The pliers set comes in three colors: red, green, and orange.
The Miller Electric Trailblazer 330 Welder offers up to 330A at 31V and 100 percent duty cycle, enabling operations to get high deposition rates by running bigger-diameter, flux-cored wire and gouging thicker materials. The 330 welder is 86 lbs and 13 percent smaller than previous models, providing lower fuel costs and reduced noise. Operators can ...
Pico Technology's latest PicoScope 7.1 Automotive Software Update includes many notable additions such as Waveform Management, heavy duty and off-highway guided tests, and new measurements, math channels, and serial decoders. The Waveform Management feature allows users to quickly discover, with one click, all their locally saved waveforms and then...
In this video, Noregon shares simple steps techs can take to reduce the risk to themselves and their fellow peers.
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