PTEN Daily - Oct 18th, 2023
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October 18, 2023
Whether looking to keep your tools secure, organized, or within reach, knowing your options before you purchase, especially a big purchase like a toolbox, is essential. The same goes for other equipment around the shop.
This grinder combines the power of pneumatic at 1hp output with up to 8,000 rpm and the mobility of a cord-free tool.
Even if your jump starter says it has a full battery, there's a difference between fully charged and charged enough to make the light green, so do yourself a favor and regularly charge your unit to ensure better overall performance and longevity.
For its fourth consecutive year, Brown's Tire, Towing & Auto Center has been a proud supporter of Brakes for Breasts, a national campaign held in October for independent repair facilities to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Accurately and simultaneously test the resistance of all 3 windings in 3-phase motors in 60 seconds with Pico Technology’s MT03A Milliohm & Motor Tester. Also includes auto-temperature compensation. Use on EV motors, fuel pumps, AC compressors, blowers, EGR valves, turbo actuators and more. As a milliohm tester, check grounding and the resistance of switches, relays, connectors, wiring, etc.

The ADAS Manual from AESwave is written by Steve Zack, Kurt Shadbolt, and Scott Brown, and is designed to provide technicians and students with the knowledge and skills needed to understand, identify, document, and calibrate ADAS technologies. At the end of each chapter, there are questions and job sheets aligned to ASE's L4 Advanced Driver Assistance...
The Autel 2023-'24 ADAS Calibration Coverage Updates provide ADAS calibration coverage for the most common systems on many Audi, GM, Porsche, Hyundai/Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Stellantis models to all MaxiSYS tablet owners, as well as MS906 Pro and higher, with active ADAS calibration software subscriptions. Additionally, the software release is...
The Low-Voltage Dipped Grip Wire Stripper and Cutter, No. 48-22-3080, from Milwaukee Tool is engineered to accurately strip 20-30 solid and 20-32 stranded AWG wires. The curved cutting blade is designed to cleanly cut through copper solid and stranded wires. Additional features include 6-32 and 8-32 bolt shears with a threaded design for deburring ...
The Lisle Corporation HD Filter Wrenches 3" Band, Nos. 53030, 53050, and 53090, is a stainless steel band that is designed to provide a secure grip, durability, and strength. The bands are meant to be used with a 1/2" square drive ratchet or breaker bar. Two sets of dimples in the band create a non-slip surface. These bands are available in three different...
The Millermatic 142 MIG Welder from Miller Electric is equipped with Auto-Set technology to help users eliminate guesswork and ensure they are using the right parameters by simply setting the wire diameter and material thickness. Users can then easily fine tune the parameters even further using its digital segment display, if needed. The machine is...
In this video, John Bean demonstrates Tru-Point's floor-leveling compensation feature.
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