VSP Diagnostic eNL / VSP Diagnostic & Repair - Jun 4th, 2024
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June 4, 2024
Understanding your tools and equipment for electrical circuit testing is crucial to performing competent diagnostics.
A technician was facing a strange issue with a 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser with a 5.7L V8 engine. It was experiencing what he described as a strange loss of power output. Motor Age Technical Editor Brandon Steckler jumped in to help with the diagnosis.
Intermittent misfire complaints can be some of the most difficult to solve simply because they can be the most troublesome to replicate and test for. However, having a structured game plan and understanding how to test and interpret the results keeps you ahead of the game.
Let Motor Age Technical Editor, Brandon Steckler show you how to properly perform a voltage-drop test, how it affects circuit operation, and most importantly, how it will flush the underlying faults to the surface.

Use our cloud-based Waveform Library containing 9300+ entries to help you configure your scope for unfamiliar tests and unfamiliar vehicles and to support faster, easier recognition of both good and bad captured waveforms during the diagnostic process. Access is free and you can also upload your own waveforms to store for later reference or share with others. Success starts with PicoScope.


The X-431 Throttle V delivers automotive intelligence, quick navigation, and
ergonomic handling for optimal efficiency. As the most powerful automotive scan tool in the X-431 family, it provides fast and efficient diagnostics and vehicle repair. With access to the latest OEM carline software, X-431 FIX, and CODE ASSIST, the diagnostic repair process is accelerated accurately with confidence.

The S57 Programming Tool from Schrader TPMS Solutions is designed to simplify TPMS management.
The Phoenix Lite 3 from TOPDON is a compact diagnostic scanner designed for automotive professionals and repair shops.