Transit bus aftermarket parts study to be completed

Following the format of its successful DataMac Truck program, which profiles in detail the aftermarket opportunity for Class 6-8 trucks, school buses and trailers, MacKay & Company is planning to undertake a multi-client study of the aftermarket potential for replacement parts used on transit buses and motor coaches in the U.S.

Preliminary research has found that there are 39,000 motor coaches in use in the U.S. that operate 55,000 miles annually. In addition, there are 65,000 transit buses in use primarily in major urban areas and while most are used in stop-and-go conditions, they average 40,000 to 50,000 miles a year. Drawing from its experience studying the transit bus and motor coach markets in Brazil and Mexico, MacKay & Company believes there is a significant aftermarket opportunity in the U.S. motor coach and transit bus markets as well.

MacKay & Company will launch the program during the fourth quarter of 2013 with research to be completed by the second quarter of 2014. Similar to other DataMac services, the primary research tool will be interviewing and surveying owners and maintainers of the vehicles and the providers of aftermarket parts and service.

The study will establish the total size of the aftermarket opportunity by component and in total. In addition, the study profiles the point of service, and point of final sale for parts purchased in this specific aftermarket as well as many other details.