New Oregon Cornwell dealer: collections not a big issue

One of the most negative parts of being in business is having to deal with dishonest customers. But Kevin Crass, a relative newcomer to the mobile tool business, has been pleasantly surprised by how honest most tool customers are. “I’m having a good time,” says Crass, who became a Cornwell Quality Tools dealer in Dallas, Ore. about two years ago. Dallas is in the Salem, Ore. area.

Crass decided he wanted to be in business for himself after experiencing layoffs. He spent 30 years working in manufacturing companies. He earned a 2-year engineering degree in the process. But he had the unfortunate experience of witnessing plant closures more than once.

Crass was familiar with the tool truck business since his father owned a tire service shop. He researched tool truck opportunities and came across Cornwell Quality Tools. The Cornwell Tools division manager came out to meet with him at his home. He also attended a Cornwell Tools “tool rally” before deciding to become a Cornwell dealer.

The business has grown every year, and Crass claims he is making a good living. He has not found collections to be a major problem. “There aren’t that many people that try to take advantage,” he notes.

The most important thing a tool truck has to do, he says, is to visit customers consistently. “You have to be there when you say you’re going to be there,” he says. “They look forward to coming to the truck every week.”