Mac Tools introduces power tools, lights, screwdrivers, utility cart and thematic products

Mac Tools hosts special press conference prior to fall trade shows.

The new Mac Tools air ratchets are constructed with titanium sealed heads for reduced weight and maximum durability in the garage. The titanium has superior strength and is more durable than composite and aluminum parts and lower weight than other metals. Mac Tools’ close quarter sealed head design grants better access to tight spots and provides improved durability and reduced maintenance by eliminating the number one issue binding gears in the industry standard pear head design.

The sealed head design also allowed the forward/reverse control to be removed from the head of the tool which prevents trapped tools and allowed for an innovative quick socket release to be added where others put their forward/reverse. Beyond power and speed, technicians stress ergonomics when operating tools on a daily basis. The soft rubber grip combined with the lightweight titanium head delivers superior comfort and balance that reduces operator fatigue during prolonged use.

When high torque requirements are the need in those difficult to reach applications, the new Mac Tools AWA angle impacts will provide the solution. The AWA Series of angle impacts includes the 3/8" drive (AWA038B) and the ½" drive (AWA050B) models. With 200 ft-lbs of nut-busting breakaway torque the AWA050B provides impact wrench power in a ratchet style body.

Heavy Duty Lights

Paul Zarlengo, product manager for diagnostics and lighting, explained the new heavy duty lights, which use both LED and fluorescent lighting. The lights come with hooks and safety warnings, he noted, and have a magnetic base.

The new lights feature a higher wattage of light output to illuminate the work area brighter than normal work lights. Available in 36W and 18W models with 25’ and 1’ SJTOW sub-zero cords with rubber-like jacket, all models offer increased brightness over traditional 26W and 13W lights.

The 36W models provide 1700 lumens light output and the 18W models provide 1130 lumens light output.

The high-impact polycarbonate body with bumper and shatter resistant lens will withstand tough shop environments, while the ratcheting/swivel fold-away hook offers flexibility while working under hood or under body.

“The new Mac Corded light family has a Mac Tools design, look, feel and function,” Zarlengo said. “Each of the lights is very robust with safety features like the removable chrome guard for use near hot surfaces such as exhausts and brakes. Technicians need dependable lighting in the shop and our fast acting ballast/switch ensures the powerful lumen light output comes on fast every time.”

New Screwdriver Line

Bob Blue, product manager for hand tools, explained the new Mac-Grip Screwdriver line designed to maximize torque, reduce slippage, and remove fasteners quickly are available in slotted, Phillips, torx, tamper-proof torx, nut drivers, and square tip.

The design of Mac-Grip screwdrivers is the Quad-lobular, four-sided handle which fits comfortably inside the hand no matter the orientation it lands in, allowing the user to apply even more torque than tri-lobe handle designs while providing reduced handle slippage. The larger main body is ergonomically designed to fit large and small hands and provide the ultimate grip to maximize torque.

An extended thumb rest stabilizes the user’s grip and provides additional comfort and control for optimal torque while the tapered nose provides a “speed grip” to remove a fastener quickly.

“Working in a shop environment invariably means you’ll encounter automotive cleaners and fluids.” Blue said. “Mac-Grip screwdriver handles are made of a nylon alloy blended material

providing maximum chemical and impact resistance.”

New Utility Cart

Tom Jech, product manager for storage, explained the new utility cart, which has a split top shelf work surface has separate storage for a laptop computer and other electronic devices such as a cell phone or tablet. Access to a power outlet located in the top compartment provides power for electronic devices such as charging cordless batteries while keeping them secure. These conveniences allow for greater efficiency by keeping tools right where technicians need them. An optional sliding lower shelf provides easy access to the lower storage area.

The reinforced lower panel gives the MB199UC the strength and durability to move over most shop surfaces. Versatile storage features include a 5-1/4” deep top compartment for deep sockets, four pry bar holders, and 16 holes for screwdrivers and extensions. Corner bumpers (12”) help prevent damage to vehicles when moving the cart through the shop. Each drawer is equipped with 100 lb. capacity ball bearing slides with a soft close feature.

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