Nu-Tec Systems presents Mountain and Monster welding tools at ISN tool dealer expo

Welding tools help technicians expand into body work.

MTWECGA580 Mountain compact gas cylinder:

  • Perfect size for portable machines
  • Can fill at local gas distributor and save costly monthly cylinder rental fees

MTNWEGR-2H Mountain gas regulator with 10’ direct connect hose:

  • Solid brass gas regulator with vertical flow gauge (10 to 25 CFH scale) and cylinder volume gauge
  • CGA580 inert gas cylinder input with 5/8”-18 “B”-nipple output on 10’ heavy-duty gas hose
  • Great replacement or extra welding regulator for all MIG and TIG machines

MTNWEGR Mountain gas flow checker:

  • Simple vertical site-glass flow gauge designed to be placed over the end of the welding torch

“It tells you very quickly how much gas do I actually have at the torch,” Cooper said.

MTNWE6900 Mountainnozzle reamer:

This is a simple hand-held tool designed to go inside the nozzle at the end of the gun and knock the spatter from inside without removing the contact tip, Cooper said.

MTNWW6901 Mountainwelding pliers:

These are specialty pliers with hardened extended beakcutting jaws designed to go right inside the nozzle to knock the spatter out, remove worn tips and nozzles and cut hard MIG welding wire.

MTNWEASG Mountainanti spatter coating:

Clear liquid keeps spatter from collecting on the tip and nozzle. Available in spray or dip jar.

MTNWE6900 Mountain welding magnets:

  • High-strength multi-angel permanent welding magnets with powder-coated steel covers
  • 3,” 4” and 5” magnets less than ½” tall so they can fit in a tool box drawer

“By inches you get holding power of 25, 50 or 75 lbs.,” Cooper said.

MTNWEW Mountain MIG welding wires:

  • Complete offering of .023”, .030” & .035” diameter ER70S-6, E71T-GS, ER5356 & ER308L
  • MIG welding wires on 4” or 8” spools

“You’d be amazed at how often your customer is looking for MIG wire and can’t find it,” Cooper said.


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