Matco Tool distributors learn about air conditioning equipment during national business conference

With spring approaching, representatives of some air conditioning equipment manufacturers talked about their products during the Matco Tools national business conference and tool expo in San Diego, Calif.

Jeff Wiedecke, national sales manager of Mastercool Inc., gave an overview of how air conditioning equipment works. He noted that infrared thermometers measure infrared energy and report it in temperature measurement.

Other air conditioning tools he reviewed included dual laser infrared thermometers, stick thermometers, manifold gauge sets, dye kits, couplers and valve cores.

Dennis Eaton, U.S. sales manager Uview Ultraviolet Systems, reviewed his company’s Spotgun injector kit. He noted that not all air conditioning dyes are the same, and there are industry standards to guide users on what dyes are most effective.

Clay Tice, a manufacturer rep for Tracer Products, talked about the different types of tools for detecting leaks. He noted that Tracer does not use solvents in its dyes.

During the discussion period, it was noted that air conditioning equipment buyers include shop owners, service managers and foremen.

It was also noted that it pays to ask customers if they’ve considered upgrading from a semi automatic to a fully automatic air conditioning system. The fully automatic systems are more expensive but for many shops they are more efficient.