Martin Sprocket & Gear

Martin Sprocket & Gear


Through steady, planned expansion, Martin has developed a network of modern manufacturing and service centers.

The ever increasing demand for high quality Martin products from many industries and markets has been met by continuous modernization and expansion of manufacturing and marketing facilities. Now, with plants located in key industrial areas throughout the World, Martin is able to produce and deliver quality products to best serve the needs of every market in virtually any quantity. Distributors are located in all fifty states and throughout the world to provide total product availability.

It's through this manufacturing and marketing organization that Martin makes good its claim of serving industry "wherever machinery is in motion and materials are on the move."

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Spanner Wrenches

Product From Martin Sprocket & Gear

Martin Sprocket & Gear's spanner wrenches includes an adjustable face spanner, a pin spanner, a face spanner, adjustable hook spanner and an adjustable pin spanner. The wrenches are drop forged from 1141 steel bar and thru hardened. The forged pins and hooks offer extra toughness and longer life. They cover several nut sizes and are often used to tighten shafts or pipes. This versatile tool is great for many applications, including servicing packing glands, adjustable collars, rings, locknuts and more. 

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