Sales Tip: Don't get lazy

Mark McWayne, Mac Tools distributor around the south side of Chicago, uses a hands-on approach when it comes to selling. He also does a lot of buy-one-get-one-free promotions.

McWayne will give away a screwdriver with the purchase of a ratchet, or possibly a t-shirt with the purchase of a screwdriver set. In his area, there aren’t many other distributors who market their business that way. According to McWayne, he has most of the market share because of this.

He tries to put products out on his truck as they come out new. “When something is obsolete, or has been replaced, I try to get that off my truck as soon as possible.”

As a final suggestion for distributors who are new to the business, McWayne says, “The biggest thing is put the tools in front of the customers. Don’t get lazy. Tote and promote.”