Sales tip: Without a customer's payment, you can't provide the best service

Fritz Spohr, Cornwell Quality Tools Dealer out of Cincinnati, OH, gives this advise on how he handles collections: 

My biggest challenge really is the collections. Getting people to understand that without their payment, I can’t provide them with the service. Nor can I provide them with the new tools that are available to the market.

It’s reiterating that message. After seven years, most of the guys I deal with understand that without their payment, I can’t provide them with the service or new tools they need to fix the vehicles they’re working on.

You cannot judge a book by its cover. The guy that you look at, that might look (unsightly), could be your best customer. And the guy that you look at that looks like he might be your best customer, can be the guy that runs. You really can’t judge a book by the cover. It’s all on an individual basis.

I’ve got a pretty good route to where I see the same individuals. My new customers come with new hires at my shops. New customers also come from your existing customers that talk about you. My customers will tell the new guy: “Don’t buy from that guy, buy from the Cornwell guy. He’s an awesome dealer and he’ll take care of you. He’ll work with you.” I also I get other business from word-of-mouth.

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